I got a great contract with a big company to help them with some geological exploration. They wanted me to work for them for a full year, and I usually do not take on clients like that as it interferes with having other customers. They made an offer that made the risk of losing some of my older clients to other experts quite worth it. The housing amount I asked for made it so I could look for St Petersburg apartments for rent and keep our home halfway across the country. My wife and I planned to fly back and forth as necessary. She left her job a couple of years ago to come work for me to manage the little company I was starting.

We got a really nice apartment in St Petersburg. I was impressed from the moment we drove onto the grounds. The view, the rooftop lounges, the two-story fitness center and the big pool are nice things to enjoy. We like our apartment with its modern stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. We could even bring our dog with us since the place is pet-friendly. I never thought we would be able to do this. When they asked me about what they needed to do for me to live in Florida for a year, I told them they needed to find me one of the nicest St Petersburg apartments for rent and pay for it for a whole year on top of my fee. I never thought they would agree to that, but they did!

It was really nice spending most of the entire winter in Florida. We are thinking about making Florida our permanent residence. I have been passing all of the certifications for working here permanently, and there are other companies that are offering me work. It might be a good idea to just stay here.

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