My sister and I moved into one of the new apartments in Topeka, and as we were bringing our items inside, she kept singing that one song from The Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen that movie lots of times, and so has my sister, but I didn’t think she would be singing it so much. Even in the car, she was singing it the whole time I was driving. I get the connection between her singing it and us being in Kansas, but she didn’t have to keep singing it over and over. She could have at least sang a different song from the same movie.

Once we had everything finally moved in, my sister stopped singing the song. She then had the urge to watch the movie, and I wasn’t up for that, so I left to get some exercise in the gym. I was having a leisure ride on one of the exercise bikes, when all of a sudden I heard someone whistling the same song that my sister had been singing. I thought my sister had followed me downstairs instead of watching the movie, but it was actually someone else who was doing the whistling. I introduced myself to her and asked her why she was whistling that tune.

The woman told me that the tune had been stuck in her head for the past couple of days and she couldn’t figure out why. I told her about my sister singing the song over and over and she got a pretty good laugh out of it. We talked some more while we exercised and went to get something to eat afterwards. After that, we came back to my apartment and my sister was still watching the movie. The woman introduced herself and we all sat on the couch, watching the movie.

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