You may not know it but Texas is on the way of becoming one of the fastest economic powers within the Union. Now that we are blessed to have the great President Trump sitting in office, it’s going to be Texas that will see so much of his residental business know how come to fill its coffers with welcomed cash. Is it a surprise that Rick Perry is sitting at the head of the Department of Energy? With these two powerful men in office I have finally come to rent at the Alamo Heights Apartments in San Antonio! I’ve moved my entire business here to San Antonio in hopes that I can capitalize on the residential revolution that’s going to inevitably occur. It’s something that I could have only dreamed of.

Were any of us genuinely expecting for President Trump to take office? I was shocked along with the rest of the country. Imagine a man like that in office. A business minded individual finally at the reins of the country that is built upon a business infrastructure. The interests of the business are finally being protected by the whims of politicians who care only for protecting only their interests. Their political career is far more important than anything else to them.

It’s going to be a wild next four years. With President Trumps promise to build a wall appearing to beginning to become more than simple pandering and more into action, Texas is going to be creating tens of thousands of new jobs. With the vast amount of concrete that’s going to be necessary to build the wall along the Mexican/United States border, there’s going to be a vast need for men and women willing to work on such an incredible structure. Already President Trump has proven that he is a man willing to create jobs for the economy.

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