About 15 years ago we renovated our home including getting laminate flooring. Unfortunately, we got the cheap stuff that did not hold up well. It was very light in color, and I could see every speck of dust and every scratch on it. Plus, with our big windows, we actually had it too bright in our home. The floor would reflect the sunlight and blind you by mid afternoon. This time we chose a darker flooring in Tradition Sculpture in Sutton Hickory. We were not completely sure we would like it when we bought it, but we do.

I could tell as soon as they finished the main hallway leading to the kitchen from the front door that I liked it. We get a lot of sunlight down that hallway from a big bay window in the kitchen. I came in while the afternoon sun was streaming through the window. The darker flooring soaked up the light. It contrasts well with the coppery colors of our decorating theme. The browns and blacks in the flooring offset the much lighter colors of everything else bringing a balance to the rooms now.

We have a very old solid wood dining room table that feels like it weighs as much as a compact car. We had it and its six chairs refinished to a darker color to blend with the new floor. It was neat how they did it. All of the pieces were dipped in big vats. It looks really nice. I hope my wife does not want to refinish the table again anytime soon. At least this flooring has a long warranty, and it is resistant to scratches from our dog’s nails too. At least it will be some time before we have consider redoing the floors again. This color looks like it will be easier to keep clean looking too.

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