My boss wanted his office renovated while he took a trip out of the country on business. He told me the color scheme he wanted, and it was all very dark colors. He wanted dark paneling on the walls and dark flooring. The only color was going to be the deep red color of the leather chairs and couch. He bought new furniture and wanted the office redone to suit it. He picked a dark Tradition Sculpture in Sutton Hickory flooring that is actually very beautiful. It is just that I thought something bright would be nice in the room. Of course, it does have a large window that pretty much takes up one wall. A lot of sunshine can come in when you open the blinds. He just does not open them that often.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the dark wood paneling, and that flooring in Tradition Sculpture Sutton Hickory makes is beautiful with its grain and subtle colors. It is just too much dark in one room. Well, for regular people anyway. He wears dark suits and drives a big black car. At least he keeps to a theme. He has told me that he wants to project a reputation of solidity and strength like the banks did many years ago with their grand structures of marble and fine wood interiors. That explained the liberal use of granite in the reception area. I can see our clients appreciating that look, especially since he is a bigwig attorney.

I was able to get the office done for him before he returned. The workers even commented on how dark the room was. However, the individual components where all grand in their quality and unique look. That flooring would have looked fantastic with lighter walls. It has nothing to contrast against with all the dark walls and furniture in the room now. However, my boss was happy, and that is the only one I had to please with the renovation project.

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