I had been dating my girlfriend long distance for 1 year. We really felt that we were interested in taking the next step, but we did not want to rush into a wedding and find out too late if we made a mistake. So, after a phone call where we discussed what next step we should take, I decided to look at Antioch apartments for rent near her. This meant that I would be living my state across the country and move to her city. We could have moved in together, but considering much of our relationship had been over the computer and phone, we felt it best to take things slowly.

My girlfriend, Diane, helped me with the apartment hunt. She had been living on her own for quite some time, and she felt that she knew which things I might like to have. She knows that I love to swim, so she wanted to be sure that I picked something with a pool. She also said that it would be a mistake to not have on-site laundry facilities because you can easily find yourself needing to wash a load of laundry at 3AM because you spilled something or simply because you did not have time to go elsewhere during the week to do it. She thought a clubhouse would be fun, too. These are buildings where there is often a large screen TV, tables, a fireplace and more things that are great areas for having a party in.

We drove around for about 2 hours and really liked what we saw at most of the places. I expected the whole process to take a day, but within that two hours, we found exactly what I was happy with. Not only that, it is just down the street from her place. So, we won’t have far to travel to see one another anymore.

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