It took me six months to pick out my new truck. I work for myself, and it had to be perfect. My wife showed me the car she wanted a year ago. It took her about a day to make a decision. She is still very happy with it a year later. When we wanted to move out of our old place, I figured it would take me months to decide. My wife showed me a website for some nice North Fort Worth apartments, and she had her mind made up. She said she only needed to see the place in person and maybe meet a couple residents there before making her decision final. Well, she has never been wrong in her choices, so I willingly went along.

She was ready for my list of things I would take exception at. They might not be deal breakers, but they would be things of concern we should discuss. She never got mad at me or said rude things. She knew I was very picky, and she saw it as a compliment that I proposed to her seeing that I never want to just settle for things. I never looked at our marriage like that, but she was always pointing out the other side of things for me. I actually loved that about her. If I was alone, I would never make the leap to make a decision. I’m too hesitant.

When we looked at the new apartment, I was very pleased. High ceilings, big rooms, designer kitchen and a big laundry room with washer and dryer hookups were nice amenities. She joked that we could move in today and have a new washer and dryer in a few months. It was a joke and not rude. She had that twinkle in her eye when she said it. I joked with her that since laundry is a woman’s job, she could pick out the appliances to do it. Yes, we do act like that, and we are perfectly comfortable with our style of humor. She asked me what reservations I had about the place, and the only thing I could come up with was how much time I would be wasting swimming in the saltwater swimming pool that has a waterfall. We signed the lease on the spot.

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