I saw a cockroach come waltzing out from under the clothes dryer right when I was removing the clothes from the dryer. Needless to say, it startled me. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. I was just wondering what it was doing in our house of all places! I immediately looked up Montreal extermination as we are clean and the house is not that old. I know our son has been working in a restaurant, and he told me they have them there. I was wondering if he may have brought one home on his clothes. I wash his clothes he wears at the restaurant.

I could not stand the thought of the little critters taking up residence in our home. That was not going to happen. I have always associated cockroaches with dive bars, cheap motels and restaurants you would not want to eat at. Oh, and old apartment buildings too. Not a semi-new house in the suburbs where people keep their lawns nice and the insides of their homes clean. However, the exterminator told me that they can be anywhere. Roaches are not picky. They are survivors.

I was not interested in the lesson of the adaptability of the cockroach to suburban environments. I was much more interested in hearing how they could be eradicated from our house. I also asked about the spray he was going to use and any other treatments. I wanted to make sure our pet cat would be safe. She might end up eating one of the bugs if she found it. Plus, I wanted to make sure the rest of us were going to be okay with the roach spray being used inside the house. This is why I hired a professional. I figured they would know how to get rid of the roaches and keep us safe doing it.

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