My girlfriend Leah and I moved in with each other last year. We rented a small apartment. We were fresh out of college at the time and did not have enough money to find another place. We made the most of what we had. I thought our situation was fine until we had a problem. We had bedbugs in our apartment. We searched for apartments in Parkville. Our only decision was to move to another place.

I met Leah back when I was a sophomore in college. We had the same Korean classes together. As soon as we met, we clicked instantly. I felt that she was the perfect one for me. Leah and I were inseparable. During our senior year, I proposed marriage to her. She accepted my offer. I was so happy. We decided to move in together and get a place of our own. We were so happy. Unfortunately, we had some uninvited guests in our new home.

I will never forget the invasion of the bedbugs. We were bitten by them almost every night. Leah and I could not figure out where the bugs were coming from. Their bites were very itchy. They were worse that mosquito bites. I could not continue to live in this condition. Leah and I hired an exterminator to kill the bedbugs. At first, it seemed to have worked. We thought they were gone, but we were wrong. The bedbugs came back. We were at our wit’s end.

Leah and I finally decided to move to another apartment. We same a nice one in Parkville. It was so beautiful. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We enjoyed that very much. We fell in love with the place as soon as we saw it. I did not hesitate to sign the lease.

Leah and I love our new apartment. It is very clean has no pests.

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