New Flooring, but This Time in a Darker Color

About 15 years ago we renovated our home including getting laminate flooring. Unfortunately, we got the cheap stuff that did not hold up well. It was very light in color, and I could see every speck of dust and every scratch on it. Plus, with our big windows, we actually had it too bright in our home. The floor would reflect the sunlight and blind you by mid afternoon. This time we chose a darker flooring in Tradition Sculpture in Sutton Hickory. We were not completely sure we would like it when we bought it, but we do.

I could tell as soon as they finished the main hallway leading to the kitchen from the front door that I liked it. We get a lot of sunlight down that hallway from a big bay window in the kitchen. I came in while the afternoon sun was streaming through the window. The darker flooring soaked up the light. It contrasts well with the coppery colors of our decorating theme. The browns and blacks in the flooring offset the much lighter colors of everything else bringing a balance to the rooms now.

We have a very old solid wood dining room table that feels like it weighs as much as a compact car. We had it and its six chairs refinished to a darker color to blend with the new floor. It was neat how they did it. All of the pieces were dipped in big vats. It looks really nice. I hope my wife does not want to refinish the table again anytime soon. At least this flooring has a long warranty, and it is resistant to scratches from our dog’s nails too. At least it will be some time before we have consider redoing the floors again. This color looks like it will be easier to keep clean looking too.

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My Boss Tasked Me with Renovating His Office in All Dark Woods and Dark Leather Furniture

My boss wanted his office renovated while he took a trip out of the country on business. He told me the color scheme he wanted, and it was all very dark colors. He wanted dark paneling on the walls and dark flooring. The only color was going to be the deep red color of the leather chairs and couch. He bought new furniture and wanted the office redone to suit it. He picked a dark Tradition Sculpture in Sutton Hickory flooring that is actually very beautiful. It is just that I thought something bright would be nice in the room. Of course, it does have a large window that pretty much takes up one wall. A lot of sunshine can come in when you open the blinds. He just does not open them that often.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the dark wood paneling, and that flooring in Tradition Sculpture Sutton Hickory makes is beautiful with its grain and subtle colors. It is just too much dark in one room. Well, for regular people anyway. He wears dark suits and drives a big black car. At least he keeps to a theme. He has told me that he wants to project a reputation of solidity and strength like the banks did many years ago with their grand structures of marble and fine wood interiors. That explained the liberal use of granite in the reception area. I can see our clients appreciating that look, especially since he is a bigwig attorney.

I was able to get the office done for him before he returned. The workers even commented on how dark the room was. However, the individual components where all grand in their quality and unique look. That flooring would have looked fantastic with lighter walls. It has nothing to contrast against with all the dark walls and furniture in the room now. However, my boss was happy, and that is the only one I had to please with the renovation project.

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We Are Actually in Kansas

My sister and I moved into one of the new apartments in Topeka, and as we were bringing our items inside, she kept singing that one song from The Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen that movie lots of times, and so has my sister, but I didn’t think she would be singing it so much. Even in the car, she was singing it the whole time I was driving. I get the connection between her singing it and us being in Kansas, but she didn’t have to keep singing it over and over. She could have at least sang a different song from the same movie.

Once we had everything finally moved in, my sister stopped singing the song. She then had the urge to watch the movie, and I wasn’t up for that, so I left to get some exercise in the gym. I was having a leisure ride on one of the exercise bikes, when all of a sudden I heard someone whistling the same song that my sister had been singing. I thought my sister had followed me downstairs instead of watching the movie, but it was actually someone else who was doing the whistling. I introduced myself to her and asked her why she was whistling that tune.

The woman told me that the tune had been stuck in her head for the past couple of days and she couldn’t figure out why. I told her about my sister singing the song over and over and she got a pretty good laugh out of it. We talked some more while we exercised and went to get something to eat afterwards. After that, we came back to my apartment and my sister was still watching the movie. The woman introduced herself and we all sat on the couch, watching the movie.

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A New Home of Joy

My girlfriend Leah and I moved in with each other last year. We rented a small apartment. We were fresh out of college at the time and did not have enough money to find another place. We made the most of what we had. I thought our situation was fine until we had a problem. We had bedbugs in our apartment. We searched for apartments in Parkville. Our only decision was to move to another place.

I met Leah back when I was a sophomore in college. We had the same Korean classes together. As soon as we met, we clicked instantly. I felt that she was the perfect one for me. Leah and I were inseparable. During our senior year, I proposed marriage to her. She accepted my offer. I was so happy. We decided to move in together and get a place of our own. We were so happy. Unfortunately, we had some uninvited guests in our new home.

I will never forget the invasion of the bedbugs. We were bitten by them almost every night. Leah and I could not figure out where the bugs were coming from. Their bites were very itchy. They were worse that mosquito bites. I could not continue to live in this condition. Leah and I hired an exterminator to kill the bedbugs. At first, it seemed to have worked. We thought they were gone, but we were wrong. The bedbugs came back. We were at our wit’s end.

Leah and I finally decided to move to another apartment. We same a nice one in Parkville. It was so beautiful. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We enjoyed that very much. We fell in love with the place as soon as we saw it. I did not hesitate to sign the lease.

Leah and I love our new apartment. It is very clean has no pests.

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The Revolution of United States of Trump

You may not know it but Texas is on the way of becoming one of the fastest economic powers within the Union. Now that we are blessed to have the great President Trump sitting in office, it’s going to be Texas that will see so much of his residental business know how come to fill its coffers with welcomed cash. Is it a surprise that Rick Perry is sitting at the head of the Department of Energy? With these two powerful men in office I have finally come to rent at the Alamo Heights Apartments in San Antonio! I’ve moved my entire business here to San Antonio in hopes that I can capitalize on the residential revolution that’s going to inevitably occur. It’s something that I could have only dreamed of.

Were any of us genuinely expecting for President Trump to take office? I was shocked along with the rest of the country. Imagine a man like that in office. A business minded individual finally at the reins of the country that is built upon a business infrastructure. The interests of the business are finally being protected by the whims of politicians who care only for protecting only their interests. Their political career is far more important than anything else to them.

It’s going to be a wild next four years. With President Trumps promise to build a wall appearing to beginning to become more than simple pandering and more into action, Texas is going to be creating tens of thousands of new jobs. With the vast amount of concrete that’s going to be necessary to build the wall along the Mexican/United States border, there’s going to be a vast need for men and women willing to work on such an incredible structure. Already President Trump has proven that he is a man willing to create jobs for the economy.

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Preventing Hill Collapse and Protecting People

We have old and new mining operations and leftovers from it in our region. Next to a new highway system of toll roads are what is called slag piles or slate dumps. They are hills that go up hundreds of feet that are made of what comes out of the coal mines that is not coal. It is largely slate that is mixed in with a little dirt. New code requirements decide how these little mountains are made, but we have a lot of old ones here. I found myself reading an LPILE manual to learn how the software works that can estimate the stability of our hills made of slate and dirt.

The reason this is so important is that we have seen these hills collapse. There is a slide just down the road from our home where a slate dump was added to by tons of dirt when the toll road went through. The dirt on top acted as a shear force on the slate below and it slid. The potential for these slides could case danger to surrounding homes as well as the collapse of some roadways that were built through areas that were once slate dumps and slag piles. The slate and slag does not have the lateral strength of dirt. You can compress it a lot, but a sideways force makes it slip.

The LPILE software shows us what we need to do to strengthen at risk areas. We have designated some areas as ecologically unstable. That means that people are not even allowed to walk in the areas. It is tough to enforce as locals use the hills for motorcycles, quads and four-wheel drive outings as well as for equestrian use. Local fire departments use them to teach high-angle rescue classes. The software helped us know how to use inserted reinforcement rods to provide stability and what to plant on top to minimize slips and slides.

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Trying to Comply with Paperwork Requests for Assistance is a Pain

When I was applying for help with my energy costs, I was dismayed to be told that I needed to have a pay stub to show proof of the income I was claiming. I had no idea how to do this other than show them my entire tax return from the previous year, but they needed something more current. I am self-employed, so I don’t get paid from an employer. I decided the only thing I could do was go online and find a pay stub generator. I was not sure if this would be what they would accept, but I did not have a lot of options at this point.

I was not making a fake pay stub as the income I was putting on it was real. It was the actual income for the two pay stubs they wanted for the period they asked for. I do not know why some places cannot understand that there are people out here that work for themselves but do not make a fortune. I suppose that any time someone hears that you have your own business they think you must be making a lot of money. I am not all that far above the poverty level for income. That is why I am eligible for different assistance. My working at home is a real business as far as the IRS goes. I fill out a Schedule C on my taxes every year. I just do not make a lot of money. It is about as much as a minimum wage job.

My pay stubs I made were 100 percent accurate for the income, and they sufficed to get me the help I needed. I even explained to the person taking them that I had those generated online as I do not get individual pay stubs since I work for myself. They told me as long as the numbers were accurate, they did not care. I just needed to prove what I made in the last month. I try to comply with every rule, but some places make you really go through a lot to do it.

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